Responding strategy for Comment, Chats, Emails

  1. Make it personal and Show Appreciation for their interest
  • Hello Dan, this is Carlos from XYZ Motorsports, thank you for asking … [insert their question]


  1. Be Transparent & Answer their question
  • NOT: We have them in stock. When can you come down? (You’ll hear crickets)
  • Don’t go for the sale or appointment first
  • Do not avoid giving a price


  1. Get to know them and what interests them: (Go slow, develop the conversation & the opportunity) • Ask an engaging question (What do you ride now / Have you been riding long / do you have a favourite riding spot? …
  • Do you plan to ride with (family), (friends), (a passenger)?
  • Build common ground i.e. Confirm you ride to or that you would like to do what they plan to do
  • Inquire as to features/ colours/options/alternative choices they may have
  • Offer suggestions / inquire about openness to New vs Used etc


  1. Be helpful by being VISUAL & personally trusting Send links:
  • To the vehicle of interest
  • Driving direction – Hours
  • Take a picture of the vehicle with you next to it
  • Offer your cell phone # & tell them they can call or text you directly


  1. Be convenient & available
  • You don’t decide when they will buy, they do…
  • Offer to meet on a day & time best for them
  • Let them know you will have the unit ready


  1. Thank them for the opportunity to earn their business
  • Follow up through the same source
  • Be timely and always be friendly
  • Don’t be pushy

This is a proven strategy. It allows a conversation to develop that is comfortable for digital shoppers to have. It allows a dealership to establish a comfortable exchange of information that creates a good first impression and establishes trust and shows that you appreciate the opportunity to earn their business. This allows the shopper to move forward without feeling like they are being pushed to buy.

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