Best practices and strategies for raising your TALKING ABOUT aka LIKES-COMMENTS-SHARE score to organically increase your page posts to Newsfeeds

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General guidelines:


  • Post 2 to 4 times per day, preferably 7-days a week
  • 90% of posts need to be visual i.e. use Photo/Video posts rather than “Status Posts“ aka: All text posts
  • Keep in mind: When posting or commenting you are acting as “Spokesperson” and representing your dealership, therefore your posts should not use “I” “Me”. Always post as: We or Our …
  • Post timing is critical – Please stick to consistent posting windows (see below under “Post Timing”)
  • LIKE, any & all posts by fans. Like fan comment or comments. When liking Posts and or Comments made by the dealership etc. Be sure you do not LIKE as the dealership. Make sure you LIKE under your personal profile.
  • REPLY to any/all comments, questions etc. Even if it’s just to post an emoji (smiley or thumbs up)
  • EXCEPTIONS – If you see a negative comment or post from fans; do not like it, assess it, if you can defuse it, or refer it on to the appropriate dealer management, then hide it, or delete it, as management directs.
  • Comments when posting should be brief – (Not, Run-on) --- under 30 words or two lines of text, when possible
  • Follow the K.I.S.S.S. Principal: Keep It Simple, Stupid and Short
  • Accept that people using Facebook are looking to be entertained more than educated and to achieve the most value from your efforts

Types of posts not to make … Please Do Not:

  • Do not stack the same posts on top of one another
  • Share or post any info on vehicle Recalls
  • Post anything related to motorcycle accidents or someone that got hurt on a motorcycle – Motorcycle Lawyers
  • Share anything NEGATIVE

INCREASING ORGANICFACEBOOK REACH (Getting FREE promotional value from Facebook)

What you can do to increase your dealerships organic reach: By Facebook's standard practices, it shows posts made to a fan’s NEWSFEED to Less than 1% of a page’s fans … UNLESS a post gets engagement, and based on that engagement i.e. LIKE – COMMENTS – SHARES and then Replies etc … Facebook recognizes each of these actions (Known as Talking About) and values them … increasing the percentages of posts that will make it to a fan’s NEWSFEED based on scores assigned to: LIKE-

COMMENT-SHARE & REPLY aka engagement. To simplify it, think of it as A LIKE is worth 1 point, A COMMENT is worth 3 points, A SHARE is worth 6 points, A REPLY is work 9 Points and so one. The more points, the more fan’s NEWSFEEDS Facebook will place the posts in. (points are only used as an example)

To increase organic placement of DEALERSHIP posts to people’s NEWSFEEDS and motivate higher engagement PLEASE make it a habit/practice to do the following:


  • LIKE all positive or neutral comments, pictures, replies that are made by anyone (including dealership staff to the Facebook page, as soon as you see them. (Very Important)
  • Comment or Reply to ALL Comments made by fans. Even if they simply tagged a friend, your dealership benefits even if you post a Smiley Face.

We strongly recommend;

Dealership sales staff are best equipped to reply to Fan comments related to posts promoting vehicle sales, incentives, payment offers, Financing questions etc. Salespeople typically recognize sales opportunities or can develop comments more effectively, Proper reply phrasing can lead to greater opportunity, validate staff or dealership product knowledge, understand the depth of interest or buying signals, and evoke deeper interest to move fans to buyers.

 Key Opportunities of “From the dealership posts”


  • Use images from the dealership: People visiting your page realize they are seeing your REAL WORLD. They feel and appreciate the quality or effort you’re putting into the page. This builds appreciation and builds bridges towards trust
  • Post close to real time, which people interrupt as the dealership as social/friendly/interesting, and they change their perception to thinking of the dealership but as a person, they may want to meet, get to know, build trust in, make a purchase from or refer friends to …;
  • Seeing what is happening at dealership level, gives people a desire to connect deeper. i,e, A visit - A Phone Call, A question in a post, A private message to a page …
  • Posts that are Unique, Funny, Smart and Artfully done, consistently prove to gather more engagement
  • Posts that are obviously current time, show people, point out effort & pride in the dealership … Convey the message that you are present, available, can be trusted and relied on …
  • Limit posts that overtly sell … It is better to send messages relating to a focus on the quality of the customer experience, customer satisfaction, doing a good job. These messages are ones that motivate people to trust and choose to connect with you for products or services

Post timing & Scheduling (VERY IMPORTANT)


  • In order to produce the greatest engagement and bring the most value to the dealership: Post’s must follow some primary guidelines: Posts should be 1. Spaced no closer than 60 minutes apart. (Posts made close together, reduce engagement)


  • Posts to your FB Pages in the time windows as follows: 6 AM to 8 AM, – 10:45 AM to 12:45 PM, and 3:15 PM to 4:45 PM




  • When you reply: Always try to Tag the person you are replying to (So they are notified you are speaking to them) Be careful not reply in a challenging manner, Be polite, Thank people for asking a question or making a point, Offer them a pleasant answer or do the research on your website and provide them a link to where they can find an answer or provide them with the most direct phone number they can use to get the info they want … and invite them to call and give them a name for who can help them best. (Sadly, keep in mind, people are lazy and unless we make it very easy, they will often simply move on until they find someone that does the work for them)
  • When or if people are posting comments that identify they are NOT PLEASED OR DISSATISFIED. Please, say something like. (NAME) we’re sorry to hear that happened (or) You feel that way. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We are bringing your situation to the attention of our General Manager. Hopefully, we have your name and contact info in our records. But we’d appreciate your replying to private messages with your preferred contact method and we will pass it along. We appreciate you’re bringing this to our attention. THEN be sure you follow through and get the info to your G.M.
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you make excuses or tell someone they are wrong. There is no way to win in these situations.
  • Accuracy: When you reply, make sure to carefully consider what someone is asking or what they are really looking for and be diligent to provide that. As the fewer times, people must ask or clarify, the happier they are.


The strategy provided above is one developed through research, application, data review and evolution after 5 years and more than 100,000 Facebook posts.

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