This proven strategy dramatically increases vehicle views and ad engagement within websites and out, through vehicle ads within online publications, i.e. Trader, Craigslist or similar.

Content consistency with abbreviated descriptions tells your vehicle’s story in a way that helps it sell itself. Recommended for NEW & USED Vehicle listings.









Still Photo Strategy:


It is important to maintain consistency with all vehicle listings by applying this image strategy. It serves to make it easier for shoppers to be comfortable with your product and builds trust in the vehicle as well as the dealer:

  • Images should always be in the horizontal i.e. landscape format (NOT vertical aka portrait). This keeps images from being skewed to fit the pre-set format of your website.)
  • Images should be shot using a tripod, so images are taken from the same height. This improves viewer experience.
  • Flash should be used.
  • Vehicle descriptions should be abbreviated.


Visual Strategy:

  1. Use a digital camera with a real flash that is set to force-on; this reduces shadows and enhances colour. Using Smartphones are not recommended.
  2. Use a consistent background away from other vehicles, bushes, trees, counters, etc. It is best if photos are taken with a backdrop where a single image of the company logo and primary phone number are visible in the top centre, top left or top right. Place a company logo with your dealer phone number and city of location. The logo should be approximately 36” wide with a phone number of almost equal width. Lowest part of logo/phone/city should be no less than 48” off the ground (so as to be visible above most motorcycles, ATV's, PWC's, etc.)
  3. The ideal image point of view (POV) is to present the vehicle photos as though someone was walking around the vehicle from approximately 9’ to 10’ away.
  4. All photos were taken in Horizontal format (again, NOT Portrait/Vertical format), 1920 x 1080 Pixels (aka 16:9 aspect ratio).
  5. First 12 images are taken as though they were viewpoints on a clock. For example, one photo from each of the 12 hours on a clock. All images are taken from tripod preset with a lens between 36” to 44” off the ground.
  6. All photos with the same lighting and without zooming in.
  7. Additional Photos –


  • One from the rear of the vehicle looking at a downward angle from around 5’ to 6’
  • One on a downward angle so as to produce the view a rider would see from the front of their fuel tank to above the front of the bike to the end of the bike.
  • One from the left and right of the bike from approximately 3’ to 4’ away from the bike at the halfway point between the rider pegs and the front wheel.
  • One each from the right and left sides from approximately 3’ to 4’ away from the bike at the halfway point between the rider pegs and the front wheel.
  • One each from the right and left sides from approximately 3’ to 4’ away from the bike centred at the swingarm pivot.


  1. AVOID TAKING PICTURES INSIDE YOUR VEHICLE SHOWROOM – There is too much visual noise/clutter, i.e. other vehicles, product displays, people, etc. A busy background will make your photos confusing to the eye. Confusion does not allow people to focus on the vehicle, which can create feelings of uncertainty and discomfort and lead them to feel uncomfortable. Not good for the sale!

GET BONUS VALUE FROM EVERY VEHICLE LISTING – Consider that people looking at your vehicles can take away more value from each vehicle listing if you include bonus images that provide visual reminders of other areas of your services, products, awards, dealer experience.


“Additional” image strategy would include:

  1. One image of your Gear, Accessories & Apparel area (showing that you have a large or broad selection). It would be beneficial to add text over the image to state the obvious, i.e. “WE STOCK A HUGE SELECTION OF TOP BRANDS.”
  2. One image of your Parts Counter with a friendly-looking person at the counter, and best if there was the back of a customer and the two were looking at a computer monitor or discussing a part. Add text to the images to say: “HELPFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE PARTS STAFF”.
  3. One picture of your finance office with a friendly person behind the desk, with one or two people at the desk signing a contract. Add text to the image to say something like: “WE HAVE GREAT FINANCING!”
  4. One image of your Service Department, with a service writer and customer in the foreground, and vehicles on benches with technicians working on them. Add text to the images to say: “FRIENDLY EXPERIENCED SERVICE STAFF READY TO ASSIST.”
  5. One image showing your vehicle showroom: make sure lighting is strong so the pictures show a large selection of all the motorcycle types people will see when they get there. Text over the images to say: “LARGE SELECTION OF MODELS & COLORS” or “WE WANT TO APPROVE YOUR LOAN.”
  6. One image showing/proving you have a large selection of all the USED motorcycle types and models to choose from. Text over the images to say: GREAT SELECTION OF USED VEHICLES - WE HAVE LOANS FOR ALL CREDIT LEVELS.”
  7. One image of the exterior of the dealership with a FULL or near-full parking lot on a good weather day. Add text to the image to say: “WHERE RIDERS GO FOR ALL THEIR NEEDS.”

See expanded info on strategy for additional photos below in this document



PHOTO STATION: Set up a vehicle photo area where you can utilize preset tripod light boxes.

VIDEO: Adds engagement and increases organic search presentation SEO.

We strongly recommend 30- to 60-second walk-around video presentations of each user or new in-stock vehicle. This practice will set you on a higher plateau of listing engagement while increasing positive subliminal perception of your dealership. The video gets more powerful when it includes an oral narrative. Talk about the vehicle, describe its key features, make sure to make it personal and relevant by making comments like “... you’ll appreciate that this bike has … great power, quick acceleration, comfortable ride, responsive handling … and comes equipped with a Vance & Hines aftermarket exhaust … easy to ride and has a low seat height and comfortable riding position!”

It is important to remember to include statements like: We have loans for all credit levels … We’re open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm… Drop by to see this bike and meet our staff and you’ll understand how we’ll make a difference as your dealer. (These videos, start to finish, should be 30 to 60 seconds.)


• 1920 x 1080 px Always Horz./Landscape - NOT Portrait/Vertical
• Flash always on – eliminates shadows and highlights color
• Taken from the same height – use a tripod w/camera at 36 to 44 inches
• 9’ to 12’ away from the vehicle
• Bonus images 3 to 6 of the dealership – add in some marketing - Loans/Selection/Friendly Staff/Service/PG&A/Hours
• STOP using cut & paste factory descriptions – SWITCH to Bullet Points Highlighting What People Care Most About
• Direct-Dial Phone Numbers – Cut frustration by sending people directly to the Sales Staff (All Call)
• Let people know you are there to help - We Make it Easy to Own – We have loans for all credit levels – We don't play games
• Drop-in Recent Reviews – Screenshots 16.9 and insert as images – Use glowing reviews about the buyers experience


Vehicle listing descriptions: We recommend the original factory description paragraphs not be used as the vehicle descriptions in your listings, as today’s consumers do not want to read run-on paragraph vehicle descriptions. They want things kept short and sweet and addressing the object of their interest. So be brief, reinforce key value propositions that drive or motivate positive perceptions and buying decisions. This format increases engagement and earns the most value from your website’s vehicle listings:

It is more effective to write listings that have a short one to two line description and then bullet points of the key hot points of the vehicle. Year, Make, Model, Color – Identify positive points of interest, i.e. great ride, low seat height, easy to ride, quick acceleration, awesome power, fun to ride, makes you stand out in the crowd, terrific in the corners, great handling, awesome suspension, etc.

Provide a few key things people should know about your dealership: Service, Parts, Vehicle Sales, Open Mon-Sat, we carry a great selection of accessories and gear, we have hundreds of new & used vehicles to choose from, 4 locations to support you, etc.

Calm fears and provide affirmations: We Want to Approve Your Loan, All Credit Levels Welcome, Easy Loan Qualify, Low Down Payments, Low Payments, We sell in volume, so you save in price every day! Things your dealership does well: Award-Winning Service, Outstanding Customer Service, etc.

Call to action: “Give us a call, we’re happy to answer your questions.” “Drop-by and check it out for yourself.” “Come on down for a Test Ride.” (If permitted & policy)



2008 Yamaha Road Star, Black & Tan two-tone. Very clean, low miles, lots of chrome, ready to ride. Includes extras: Custom Vance & Hines Exhaust, Baron’s Big Air Kit, New tires and just serviced.

  • Low Seat Height
  • Great Power & Quick Acceleration
  • Awesome Sound


  • Fun to ride
  • We have loans for all credit levels
  • We want to earn your business, let us make your deal! See us on Powersports Way in Moto Town, TX


Click here to see an overview of our services: MaxOpp Services

2017 Polaris RZR 1000 4 – Lime Green & Grey - Excellent condition, low hours and ready to make new memories

  • Great for adventures and making memories
  • Comfortable ride with great power and suspension
  • We offer a great selection of accessories, as well as installation
  • Easy loans for all credit levels. Let us approve your loan
  • Count on us for outstanding customer service
  • Give a call now 000-000-0000 and let us earn your business


We’re located at: 1111 Powersports Way in Moto Town, TX

Days and Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm Saturday 9:00am - 7:00pm Sunday - We're Riding!

Factory Specifications: It is fine to include the factory specifications as you have in the past under the vehicle specification tab.



When possible, it is beneficial to include a DIRECT DIAL PHONE NUMBER that goes directly to the sales staff and bypasses the receptionist. This reduces the time and frustration experienced by callers when placed on hold, or required to explain the reason for their call.

Should you have questions please contact us directly at: 760-494-0294 or


Recommended Camera Kit & Accessories:

  1. Camera Kit (includes camera, case, tripod, battery charger, etc.
  2. Class 10 SDHD Memory Card SanDisk 128GB Ultra UHS-I Class 10 SDXC (preferred over the supplied card for its ability to hold a large number of HQ images and video)


Vehicle Spinners:

Here is the video of the vehicle rack that worked well. The Price was $199 and is on sale now for $99 - LINK TO TrackMoto video.

  • Here is the link where you can buy it
  • There are also a couple of cycles and ATV spinners offered by Cyclespinner, but they are not as portable as the unit above. If you are going to set up and designate a specific place, then it would work pretty well. We do like the quality of these units.


Backdrop info:

We like using a portable backdrop, usually 12 to 14 feet wide and 7 feet tall.

One of the primary reasons we like backdrops is the consistency it presents in the photos. It also removes visual pollution (other bikes, cars, people, plants, etc., and allows people to exclusively concentrate on the unit for sale. Portability of the backdrop is beneficial in dealerships with limited space, allows units to be photographed with little to no movement.

Should you have questions, please contact me directly at this email or phone 760-494-0294 (See photo visual below)

Click here to see an overview of our affordable “We do it all for you” services click MaxOpp Services

Contact us: John Vaughan-Chaldy – Phone: 760-494-0294 or


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