We've Been There

Having owned and operated successful local businesses in highly competitive markets, we’ve lived in the business we market to. We’ve dealt with overhead, staff challenges, infrastructure, flooring lines, and customers. We have also received services from marketing agencies - and service providers masquerading as marketing agencies - who did not understand our product lines or the needs, wants and desires of our shoppers.

When forming MaxOpp Marketing, we knew businesses needed someone to “Do It All for Them”; someone who would not call in sick, show up late, make excuses, or simply ignore them. We created MaxOpp Marketing to specialize in serving local businesses that deserve to be considered #1 in town, helping them grow and scale by creating and nurturing deeply organic digital opportunities with unique story-telling content, leveraged to attract engagement.

By applying our unique and highly effective media coverage strategy, MaxOpp Marketing can take any local business and drastically increase their exposure for a variety of products and services in a matter of weeks, resulting in significant customer growth. What our company can do for local businesses is so effective, initial results are usually seen in days.

If you are a business owner interested in improving your business reputation, getting more recognition and exposure, and can handle more customers, then get in touch with us to move forward so we can get you P.A.I.D. - Presence, Authority, Internet Dominance - for your business.

MaxOpp Marketing is a digital marketing company. Our staff consists of professional marketing strategists, copywriters, content developers and advertising experts who have helped hundreds of businesses get more clients, patients, and customers in a variety of industries. (Automotive, Powersports, Electronics, Restaurants, Medical Detox, Real Estate, and Contractors, to name but a few.)

We help local businesses by reaching out to create brand and service awareness using Relevant, Interesting, Timely & Entertaining “R.I.T.E.” content strategies. We deploy social media advertising to parallel our P.A.I.D. strategy, which acts as a catalyst, stimulating engagement, making the impression our clients are friendly, helpful, easily approachable people which in turn inspires leads, phone calls and door-swings. If you have a product or service offered in a specific location, neighborhood, or region, we will get you seen in story-telling ways that will bring you opportunity, day by day, week by week, month by month.

We are that company who holds themselves accountable, never accepting “good enough” or “that’ll do. Ask our clients; they will tell you that we don’t phone our work in. We anticipate their needs and hold ourselves accountable for producing quality leads. Talk with us, and if we feel like a good fit, let us get you P.A.I.D.

John Vaughan-Chaldy

John Vaughan-Chaldy

John started working in the motorcycle industry in 1976. He spent 10 years working his way up from salesperson to GSM within a Ford 500 Dealership. Once he had saved enough money, he purchased his first motorcycle dealership in 1993 and later opened California’s first chrome and glass dealership in 1994. John founded Baron Custom Accessories in 1996 and built Baron’s into one of the motorcycle industry’s top aftermarket companies. John has been a consultant to motorcycle O.E.M.s since 1998 in areas of product and vehicle design, sales strategies, and accessorizing. Through Baron he learned to harness the power of the internet and became one of the first aftermarket parts companies to embrace the concept of expanding his parts business by capitalizing on his website, email marketing, and social media as his primary method of expanding awareness of his brand and his product lines. He proudly states, “In my 13-plus years of owning and operating Baron's, we only purchased one paid ad. I built Baron's brand recognition and sales success by harnessing the power of the internet.”

Rolf Sammons

Rolf Sammons

Rolf began his career with Kawasaki Motor Corporation in 1974 as a test rider for the Jet Ski. He was instrumental in the foundation of Jet Ski racing. He began working within the dealership world in 1980 at Trans World Recreation, the number one Jet Ski dealer in the world. Rolf was hired by Yamaha to assist them in developing the Waverunner line, and later hired as the first Director of Marketing for Yamaha’s newly formed Water Vehicle division. Rolf was recently inducted into the “Wake of Fame” society which honors pioneers in the development of the water vehicle industry. Rolf worked for several years as a salesperson and sales manager within the same Ford dealership as John. He left the dealership to continue his successful career path, focusing on marketing, advertising and promotions, until he joined Baron Custom Accessories in 2003, where he was instrumental in optimizing the opportunities he saw for marketing within the internet. Together, he and his lifelong friend John catapulted Baron Custom Accessories into the forefront of the motorcycle aftermarket industry.