How would you like to have ALL of your dealership’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) prospect leads, various websites & OEM lead sources, and new purchase customers contacted on an ongoing and daily basis to REALLY help your business grow?

This is a fully managed service, and designed to be a timely and targeted email deployment strategy that digitally communicates to all your CRM customers.

To find out more about how this program can increase YOUR business and raise customer satisfaction, please contact MaxOpp Marketing at (760) 494-0294 or

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A dealer's focus and commitment from the day of the sale of a major unit forward should be to engage each customer in a system of contact that fortifies and builds lifelong relationships whereby customers are inspired to return to their dealership for parts, service, apparel, and accessories, to earn referrals, and to repeat vehicle purchases again and again in a perpetual circle of life ...

Max Opp provides management of our dealers’ existing CRM software and engages our proven system of customer contacts timed to customers’ predictable needs in many ways:

  • Optimizes dealer’s current CRM on an ongoing basis
  • Reviews sales staff’s daily entry of customer and prospect contacts
  • Evaluates contact details for accuracy and completeness
  • Implements a Sold Units follow-up using our 10 in 24 contact strategy
  • Generates prospect follow-up engagement letters with contact motivators
  • Reports as needed to dealer’s sales managers re:customer responses
  • Assists managers and sales staff in understanding how the CRM can put money in their pockets
  • Manages message order and timing to stimulate customer visits
  • Inspires potential buyers and previous buyers to engage with managers, GM, or owner (as dictated)
  • Delivers customer appreciation coupons designed to bring the customer/buyer to the dealership
  • Monitors customer responses and discusses them as needed with management
  • Identifies staff not properly using the system and reports to management
  • Reviews sourcing data to identify marketing opportunities that Max Opp might deploy for the dealer
  • Makes available live staff training by phone/computer to improve performance, as needed, ​once each quarter
  • Interacts with CRM software provider to maintain or improve its software service to dealer
  • On a bi-weekly basis, collects and transfers customer emails to Smart Email” email service (when engaged)

Term: No term commitment required.

Monthly Investment: $449 monthly for up to 50 sold units. Please contact us to discuss fee specific to your volume. $350 one time fee. Provides evaluation of current setup, contact letter creation, and integration.

Rejuvenation Service: Optional service. Analyzes existing sold unit database and pushes backwards to initiate contact strategy. Contact us to discuss one time fee for service.