Making Facebook Valuable

The value in a Facebook page is only achieved by getting the fans “Talking About This.” Facebook can be very effective for a dealer with fewer than 2,000 fans, as long as the fans are engaged, i.e., Likes, Comments, Shares. These actions are what fuel and broaden awareness of your dealership and it’s from these that the “Talking About This” score is derived. These actions are the key to the dealership being seen by fans and friends of fans. Being seen by friends of fans is the Holy Grail of social media marketing, as it equals “Social Validation,” which is what leads friends of fans to come to you as customers.

Learn More About Facebook Accelerator

Facebook Accelerator Service

MaxOpp’s Accelerator Service begins with a thorough clean up and upgrade of your current Facebook page, or creation of one if necessary. This includes:

Page Info Setup

• Improved graphics/photos for Cover and Profile images

• Proper formatting of address, phone, email contact, website links

• Engaging “About” field – Written to capture fans’ attention quickly

• Enhanced Description – Brief narrative validating dealer’s key attributes

• Categories – Properly selected listing category to optimize search inquires in Facebook

• Sub-Categories Listings – We identify your other services or specialties to enhance search value

• Enhance the 16 primary information fields – We tune them all

Page Settings

• Visibility – We optimize these settings to maximize your visibility and engagement

• Targeting – Adjusted to present your page to the right audience

• Restrictions – Set to increase your opportunity for engagements with the right demographic

• Post Moderation – We attempt to inset automatic deflectors so posters/comments do not offend viewers

• There are 15 primary setting fields – We optimize each to create a productive environment

MaxOpp’s Daily Facebook Accelerator Service strategy actively engages us in our clients’ Facebook pages several times each day to review content, like, respond to comments, answer questions and forward leads.

Our strategy humanizes our dealers’ pages in a way that allows fans and friends of fans to get to know them. We build relationships that create trust and interest, ultimately driving fans and friends of fans to your doors!

• Daily, two to three posts are made to your page by MaxOpp staff

• Ranking stimulation to increase visibility ("Likes", "Reviews", "Comments", "Shares", and "Posts")

• Interest capture, conversation initiation

• Customer leads or questions are turned over to appropriate dealer staff for follow-up

• Engaging captions

• Storytelling images and custom graphics

• Humorous comments and imagery

• Interesting Videos

• Monitoring, of your page posts to maximize opportunity by interaction

• “Liking” of your fan’s comments

• Replying to comments, to initiate further engagement

• Deletion of comments or posts that are negative, vulgar or damaging to reputations

• Proper post timing

• Strategic ratio of Non-Sales vs Sales posts

• Posts exposing MFG. incentives, rebates, payment offers when opportunity presents

• Supportive responses and acknowledgments

• Tagging, Sharing, and Hash Tagging

• Daily following of page activity

• Cross promotions to brand and manufacturers’ pages

• Lead forwarding

Monthly Investment: $599 - One-time Setup Fee: $350

Call us today to get started or with your questions regarding how we can use Facebook to bring customers to your doors: 760-494-0294


Custom email created every two weeks and sent to your entire Dealer database. Emails include a custom message – interest-capture image – manufacturing-incentive highlights – links to key destinations in your website – Facebook highlight and invite – Department Promotion – Vehicle Specials or Offers – Events, etc. We gather this information on our own, or accept what is provided/requested and then create, test, deploy and evaluate each email. And, we keep your customer email database up- to-date.

Monthly investment $479 (up to 5000 email addresses) and a one-time setup fee of $350 to assist in cultivating and organizing an email database from your management software and current email list (if available).