Google Business Profile Platform

This critical opportunity, when fully optimized and fed content daily, effectively attracts Google’s algorithm to dynamically increase search and maps presentations. Full optimization includes the use of key brands, unit types, keywords/phrases, and hashtags; these pieces of content are attractive to search algorithms which then work to associate them with business listing categories. 

MaxOpp’s Service includes:

  • Initial development of primary content fields, with ongoing tuning 
  • Daily content posting, utilizing available posting types (Products, Events, What’s New, etc.) 
  • Activation of “Messaging” option, allows users two-way communication with the dealership 
  • Creation and production of custom graphics and videos posted to increase engagement  

Google Business Platform is ever evolving. Its importance has surpassed SEO, making the constant feeding of content even more important in order to continually stimulate the algorithms that are actively learning and evolving a business’s ability to be found and more accurately delivered to match more specific user’s search requests. Our Google Experts are on top of these evolutions, and adjust service to optimize the value and expand our client’s opportunities to generate shopper contact.  

Google Business Platform Service Fee: $449*

*MaxOpp monthly services require deep setup to effectively produce desired results and optimize visibility and engagement. Setup fees vary between $275 and $500 dollars per service, based on the current state of the digital asset. Setup fees are determined prior to subscription agreements being submitted to clients, for their review and authorization. Service fees are non-refundable as they are labor intensive and provide long term value.