Review Nurturing (AKA Reputation Management) 

This is a key service, designed to capitalize on changes in the major search algorithms which focuses on the importance of “new” review acquisition weekly and the response actions following these reviews. These changes have exceeded the value of On-Page SEO in the determination of search ranking presentation. In addition to the beneficial changes in search presentation is feeding the “shopper/buyer’s” need for online confirmation of the quality of the pre- and post-experience others have received, which greatly influences the decision-making process. Therefore, it is important to have a consistently growing number of online reviews through primary review sources.

MaxOpp’s service includes:

  • Weekly cultivation of email addresses from those who interacted with the dealership
  • Sending interactive “e-letters” to initially thank them for their business, to confirm satisfaction
  • Based on the level of satisfaction, secondary interactive pop-ups invite reviews or offer dealer contact
  • Reviews or contacts are forwarded to key dealership staff for their response or contact
  • Interactive pop-ups are easily and quickly engaged, completed and submitted to improve the user experience

Review Nurturing Monthly Fees: $375*

*MaxOpp monthly services require deep setup to effectively produce desired results and optimize visibility and engagement. Setup fees vary between $275 and $500 dollars per service, based on the current state of the digital asset. Setup fees are determined prior to subscription agreements being submitted to clients, for their review and authorization. Service fees are non-refundable as they are labor intensive and provide long term value.