The MaxOpp Difference

While this testimonial is longer than I intended, I realized as I was writing it that quite frankly MaxOpp deserves my taking the time to publicly recognize and praise them for their services, tenacity, and the loyalty they’ve provided to our dealerships for over 10 years. In business, the bottom line is “the bottom line”, and these guys have given my 5 dealerships more leads, more calls and shown us how to increase our conversions to improve ROI every year! And they’ve done it with the original budgets we started with.

We’ve learned to trust, depend on, and listen to them. They’re simply never satisfied that their services are “good enough”. Instead, not only do they constantly look beyond each of their services for ways to improve, but they also look at how our staff is connecting with shoppers and, when they see ways our sales staff could improve – or on the flip side, are doing something well - MaxOpp takes the initiative to reach out to offer training, words of encouragement and recognition, always focused on assisting us to raise closing ratios and increasing gross averages. When they identify ways that something can be done differently, they don’t just point out the flaws, they bring strategies to improve our customer interactions, to increase customer satisfaction, and increase our conversions to drive our ROI. And they’re not the kind of company that always has their hand out asking for more money. They do what they do because they see it as the right thing to do as part of a team. Which is how they see themselves: dedicated members of our team.

"...the bottom line is "the bottom line," and these guys have given my 5 dealerships more leads, more calls and shown us how to increase our conversions to improve ROI every year! And they’ve done it with the original budgets we started with."
- Sam Nehme, President
Broward Motorsports

I won’t bore you with all that they do because I really do not know all the details. What I will tell you is that because of them, I can focus on my dealership’s day-to-day ground operations, and delegate things outside my expertise to the experts I’ve chosen to manage, for example, the marketing needed to keep the lead forms flowing in, the phones ringing and our doors of my dealerships swinging. By turning to MaxOpp, we eliminated the hiring, firing, training, inconsistencies, and turmoil we’d experienced with team members tasked to managing our marketing, advertising, email, etc., MaxOpp has provided us a consistency I can depend on. With one text, email, or phone call, we can identify a need or concern to MaxOpp and turn our focus to our next task, never looking back - and for 10+ years we know with complete confidence that MaxOpp will make the most of any opportunity, project, or need we’ve made them aware of.
Utilizing what MaxOpp refers to as their “Global Presence Strategy,” Broward Motorsports has, for the most part, left radio behind, eliminated promotional billboards, buses, benches, movie theater advertising, ended relationships with PPC/SEM & SEO providers, walked away from promotional event powersports marketing companies… and yet, with all those things removed, our marketing presence is more robust and functional than ever. Annually delivering ever-growing funnels of quality leads/calls/door swings than the year before. I’d like to add that MaxOpp does much more than our service agreement commits them to. And we can walk away anytime we want, because our agreement has no term commitment! I once asked why we could not sign a term agreement and John told me, “So I can fire you, if your team doesn’t listen or do a good job with the leads we deliver.” As I mentioned above, in 10 years they’ve never come to me with price increases, yet year after year they’ve come up with ways to improve upon what they did before and have consistently delivered more leads and engagements leading to the annual sales increases we enjoy.

Admittedly, their strategy was unique to me. Over time it came to make sense as to why and how they led us away from our reliance on other forms of paid advertising and, as promised, they reshaped our marketing strategy so we didn’t have to depend on old-school “attention” streams in order to generate sales opportunities – which, by the way, only perform when we are (were) paying thousands and thousands of dollars every month to stay present and top of mind. Instead, MaxOpp focused on establishing a Global Presence that is consistently stimulated with new content. They continue to evolve our websites and to create better user experiences, which radically increases leads. What they did with our Facebook presence was, in a word, astounding. I never imagined that it was possible to derive so many unit purchases from Facebook as they did - and continue to do. So much so, we expanded our Facebook presence from one page for the company, to pages for each of our 5 motorsports locations, our bicycle division and another for our online PWC racing team. Each of these have become thriving Facebook pages driving specific business to each location. Additionally, they created Google Search and Google Maps listings (GMB), and up to an additional 70 other digital listing directories for each location. Not only did they double and triple our online engagement; they’ve consistently increased it by 20 - 30 % or more year after year. And, with their digital-dialog strategy and training assistance, we’ve increased the number of replies our sales team get from the leads they follow up with by 67%, which has served to invigorate our teams’ enthusiasm as the reply - engagement dramatically increased our closing conversions, driving unit sales.
It's amazing the places they have expanded our online presence, no matter what device (smartphones, tablets, and desktops). Their work is obvious through the content found online, as is the thought and planning applied to each piece of content they develop (infographics, video, and verbiage) and how they place and change this content constantly. Each of our dealership’s presence consistently evolves with unique content specific to its location. And, true to their humanization strategy, the content softens and presents each location with a persona of that location that conveys it not as just a building, but as a friendly, community-minded, approachable, funny, and entertaining group of people, without projecting us as sales-hungry.

In addition to the above, they make time to work with our staff and management to help them understand how to meet the expectations of today’s shoppers, which has also raised our conversion ratios and gross profit. They’ve completely changed the way our staff responds to leads, given us digital strategies applied through text, emails and instant messages.

Another interesting service to note is what they did with our emails, or “Smart Emails” as they refer to them. They’ve taken our customer email databases from 3,600 to nearly 80,000 people - who now receive custom emails every two weeks. These emails immediately and consistently deliver credit applications, requests for quotes, parts requests, service appointments, etc. These Smart Emails have helped us to annually increase our customer retention, driving more service and parts transactions, as well as repeat purchases of major units and referrals. They reframed our contact strategies and messages to optimize our CRM, which has increased engagement and assisted us in raising our unit sales and our Quality scores.

So, to be clear, MaxOpp has been integral in our success and growth, they do ALL our marketing (Website/Email/Facebook/GMB /Paid Social Media Ads, and assist in optimizing our CRM. Since most things come down to money, I will volunteer this: they do all I described, and, depending on the number of brands of the dealership, the total cost per dealership runs between $3500 - $4500 a month... and our dealership staff does not lift a finger, leaving them free to attend to what is needed on the ground.

MaxOpp is the real deal. They are not like any service provider we’ve used; they produce results beyond expectations, they’re always looking for ways to improve what they do, they are all riders/users of powersports vehicles and vessels, so they walk the walk and talk the talk of our potential customers, and they are committed to our success!

Feel free to call or email me, I am happy to answer your questions… as long as you are not my competitor, as I don’t share podiums.