Fresh emails are created and sent every two weeks, and our in-house email team does all the work! We assist our clients in the initial creation or recreation of their email database and apply proven practices for continual growth of the database. 

Our “Smart Emails” incorporate the following: 

    • They are well thought out. The ‘From’ field, Subject Line, and time emails are deployed are all designed to stimulate open rates 
    • We stimulate engagement and clicks with a custom leading message, and visuals with calls to action 
    • Content includes fresh custom graphics, manufacturer incentive highlights, active linking to key website content, manager specials, announcements, dealership events/promotions, service & parts information, and offers
    • Email content is reviewed and vetted for spelling, grammar, punctuation and linking

By design, MaxOpp’s Smart Emails stimulate engagement, drive website visits, motivate requests for quotes, credit pre-approvals, hours & directions, phone calls and door swings, and our clients do not have to lift a finger.

Smart Email Monthly Service Fee: $479*

*MaxOpp monthly services require deep setup to effectively produce desired results and optimize visibility and engagement. Setup fees vary between $275 and $500 dollars per service, based on the current state of the digital asset. Setup fees are determined prior to subscription agreements being submitted to clients, for their review and authorization. Service fees are non-refundable as they are labor intensive and provide long term value.