Making Facebook & Social Media Valuable

MaxOpp’s social media team seizes and stimulates the opportunities within Facebook. Our posting strategies work to play to Facebook’s social elements to expand our client’s audience, increase engagement to inspire Page Likes, Followers, and spread impressions to individuals meeting key interest demographics.

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Facebook Accelerator

MaxOpp’s clients enjoy:

  • R.I.T.E. Posting, (Relevant – Interesting – Timely – Engaging)
  • Creative/production of custom memes, infographics, videos posted to increase engagement 
  • 2 to 4 custom posts designed to “socially” humanize the dealership
  • Targeted audience expansion 
  • Expanded brand influence awareness 
  • Increased “Talking About” actions (Post Likes, Comments, Shares)

Our posting strategies increase page activity while stimulating awareness of brands, unit types, services, and expertise. At the same time, our strategies stimulate engagement, inspire interest in different riding genres, educate people about how fun and easy it is to ride, and that our client’s dealerships are friendly, with people (staff) who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Facebook Accelerator Monthly Service Fee: $599*

*MaxOpp monthly services require deep setup to effectively produce desired results and optimize visibility and engagement. Setup fees vary between $275 and $500 dollars per service, based on the current state of the digital asset. Setup fees are determined prior to subscription agreements being submitted to clients, for their review and authorization. Service fees are non-refundable as they are labor intensive and provide long term value.